If you want to win the Amazon Buy Box while saving time and money, you need to consider using an Amazon repricer. BQool is here to explain the benefits of using Repricing Software for your Amazon store.

What is Amazon Repricing?

Simply put, Amazon Repricing is the process of amending the prices of the products that you are selling on the Amazon marketplace. Product prices on Amazon frequently change based on criteria such as competition and the ownership of the Buy Box.

Pricing competitively day in, day out can be simplified if you use an Amazon Repricer.

For every Amazon listing, there will often be many sellers competing for the same sale. Sellers whose products aren’t priced competitively are unlikely to win the Buy Box or get the sale. However, with the multitude of products and of course, the many sellers out there, the process of checking prices manually can become incredibly time-consuming and tedious.

BQool gives you two good reasons to use BQool Conditional Repricer and AI Repricer.

React to Changes Instantly with our Conditional Repricer

The reaction time of a human being is too slow when manually repricing products, this is a fact. BQool’s new Conditional Repricer enables you to design customized repricing strategies based on specific conditions such as Inventory Age, Day of Supply and Sell Through Rate. The Conditional Repricer can switch between different repricing strategies and respond to the sudden changes you might face on Amazon.

  • Inventory Age condition is designed to help you to sell off your slow-moving or stagnant inventory.
  • Day of Supply condition forecasts the number of units you will need for your future sales based on your past sales performance.
  • Sell Through Rate condition focuses on the sales performance and your inventory health. You can use this condition to sell off your stagnant inventory or maximize your profit or maximize your sales, depends on what the metric indicates.

BQool Conditional Repricer enables you to set up your own advanced repricing rules and get access to many other conditions to refine your repricing strategies. There are hundreds of combinations of conditions for you to strategize your ultimate repricing plan.

Customize your own repricing rules in detail and decide which main conditions you want to prioritize.

Remove Emotion from the Equation with AI Repricer

People can become very emotional when it comes to the art of buying and selling. A good Amazon Repricer removes all the emotions from the equation and makes rational decisions to achieve your sales goals. BQool AI Repricer adjusts prices based on competition intensity and increases your chance to get the buy box by repricing aggressively.

BQool AI Repricer has 5 AI algorithms with different repricing strategies. You can select and change which one you want to use based on your repricing goals or the level of the competition: intense, moderate, and low competition.  Whether you want to maximize your sales, maximize your profit, balance your profit and your sales, boost your sales or your profit, the AI Repricer will do it for you without being influenced by your emotions.

In conclusion, to avoid time-consuming tasks like adjusting prices manually, we recommend you use Amazon Repricer. You can focus your efforts elsewhere, knowing that the Repricer is completely automated and is working continuously in the background to ensure that your online business remains competitive.

BQool Amazon Repricer offers you the flexibility to tweak your own repricing rules on the fly. With a huge number of customizable options to reprice your listings on Amazon, every seller can achieve their sales goals fastest way possible with BQool.

For the most effective Amazon Repricing software, visit BQool today for a 14-day free trial.