I get asked periodically how to find the webinars we are offering. Well, read on, and it shall be revealed! 

I won’t keep the cliffhanger until the end though! Click here to see all of our videos (recorded and upcoming ones) at our webinar channel.

The page is loosely divided into sections. The featured webinars are in the top section. Scroll down just a bit, and you’ll find the section for Live/Upcoming displays. This is where you sign up for future (or live if you time it right) events. 

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If there are multiple dates and times for the webinar, the “More Sessions” tag will be displayed, as shown in the above image. 

To register, click on the image of any of the webinars to navigate to the sign up sheet: 

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At the top of the sheet, the next date for the webinar appears, as well as the time displayed for the Eastern Time Zone. To see it in your time zone, click on the “Show in My Time Zone” link right underneath:

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As mentioned before, some webinars have multiple dates and times that you can sign up for, and this is also indicated on the registration page. It will say at the top it is offered several times, and there will be a set of arrows to the far right end of the date and time displayed: 

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Click on the arrow and a drop down menu appears with the dates and times listed: 

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Select the one you want, fill out the name and email fields, then click Register at the bottom. That’s it! You are now registered for your chosen webinar! 

Even if you don’t attend one of our events live, registering will get you a link to the recording sent via email. This happens once the webinar is over and the recording has been processed, usually within an hour of the webinar end time. 

However, the biggest advantage of attending is that you can get your questions answered live about any of the topics we are discussing in the webinar. You can still get them answered via our Support Portal if you come up with any after watching the recording, but by attending you get answers immediately! We can also offer a live demonstration if needed to help you better understand the answers to your questions.

As an added bonus for attending, there is usually a handout that goes along with the webinar information. The handouts include helpful links that lead to articles that go into greater detail on the topic. 

I’m not saying you can’t get it from support, but it is much easier by attending the webinar (can you tell I want to see you in one of our webinars?)! 

The section below Live/Upcoming lists the recorded webinars we have done in the past. You can view any of them by clicking on the image. 

That’s about all there is to it, and if you have any topics you would like to have covered in a webinar, just contact us in support and we can see about making it happen!