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InventoryLab has been the standard for Amazon sellers since 2014, and we are the industry leader for inventory management software. Our priority is to provide the most value and best customer service to our subscribers. How do we do that? Listed below are ten ways IL can help you run your Amazon selling business more efficiently to help you stay organized and increase your profits!

1. Tools for Success

InventoryLab provides users with three main applications: your IL account admin (formerly Stratify), our mobile app Scoutify 2, and our Google Chrome extension ScoutX.

  • Your IL account admin helps you with inventory management, identifying profit margins, tracking operating costs, creating shipments, and performing accounting tasks.
  • Scoutify 2 helps you research and source the best and most profitable items to sell.
  • ScoutX offers quick details on product restrictions, variations, category, rank, fees, and more while using your Chrome browser.

Users can access insightful webinars right through Stratify that provide information on how to use IL as well as selling tips and tricks. Our online support portal provides helpful articles, FAQs, and an entire seller support community.

From regular feature updates and improvements to robust online support, we provide all the tools Amazon sellers need to stay profitable.

2. Reporting Capabilities

Subscribers now have more reporting capabilities than ever before right at their fingertips. Need to know which products or selling categories are most profitable for your business? There’s a report for that. Want to better understand your overall profit margins or operating costs? We’ve got you covered. Trying to get a handle on the information you need for tax season? You guessed it – there’s a report for that too! 

InventoryLab’s comprehensive reports can provide you with detailed, easy-to-understand snapshots of how your business is performing, profits and losses, seasonal and quarterly trends, and expense and tax information. Best of all, you can create custom views to help you tailor each report to your specific needs.

InventoryLab Custom View Report


3. Inventory Listing

InventoryLab’s List includes multiple features and the capability to list products in the Amazon Catalog. It also works with the products sellers already have in their inventory when it comes to restocking. Users can automatically print product labels as they list while creating FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) batches or Merchant Fulfilled Batches to send to Amazon. 

4. Inventory Tracking

InventoryLab makes inventory tracking easy! Our software helps you manage and replenish your inventory easily and efficiently. At a glance, users can see the quantity, purchase date, supplier, and unit cost for each and every item. Need to edit replenishment information for multiple items? No problem. Our Bulk Edit feature makes the process seamless! 

5. Sourcing Simplified

InventoryLab’s mobile app Scoutify 2 makes sourcing profitable inventory simple and convenient. Users can set their target ROI% and see per unit cost, product details, and estimated Amazon fees. Need to know where a product ranks in its category? Scoutify 2 will calculate that too!

InventoryLab Scoutify 2


6. Accounting Features

InventoryLab’s accounting features help users understand important metrics so they can focus on running their business more smoothly. Sellers can calculate and track profit and loss, ROI for each product, expenses, mileage, and income, and get organized for tax time.

7. Save Money

How does InventoryLab help cut costs for users? Simple. Since our software covers a wide range of services, sellers won’t need to spend money on a bunch of unnecessary apps or additional software. We provide our users with just about everything they need to streamline their business processes, get organized, and stay organized.

And now, following InventoryLab joining Threecolts, we are also able to offer IL users an exclusive discount on SmartRepricer. SmartRepricer seamlessly integrates with InventoryLab, reading product costs from IL to maximize your profits on Amazon.

InventoryLab works exceptionally well as a standalone product, but sellers looking for an added boost in efficiency can now incorporate one and save money doing so. Claim your SmartRepricer discount here!

8. Save Time

While saving money is great, time is also a commodity no one can afford to have less of. InventoryLab’s suite of solutions saves you valuable time every day, as proven by sellers like Charlene Anderson, who has a 25-hour work week thanks to IL!

Managing your inventory gets even easier when you add SmartRepricer to your InventoryLab account. This integration pairs up IL’s detailed cost tracking with SR’s rapid intelligent repricing tool, reoptimizing your prices automatically. Our fastest repricer integration of all time, it syncs changes from IL within 90 seconds and adjusts your prices on Amazon within 5 minutes.

With no need to spend time constantly monitoring and updating listings, you’ll have more free time to focus on the things that matter most in your life.

9. It’s About More Than Just the Software

At IL, we know it isn’t just all about the product we provide our users. We want Amazon sellers to have all of the information and education they need to become successful.

We launched our Customer Coaching initiative (“CuCo”) for exactly this reason. Our team hosts small classes to help sellers like you get maximum ROI from InventoryLab. It’s been such a success that it’s inspired our family at Threecolts to offer CuCo classes for other products as well!

Register for any Threecolts CuCo class here. Whether you want to learn more about InventoryLab or other Threecolts tools like SmartRepricer, you’ll find the classes you need. It’s a great opportunity to meet us and other sellers like you.

We also provide in-depth, topic-specific webinars that are accessible right on our website or through Stratify. In addition, you can stay up to date with news and tutorials on our YouTube and Facebook channels. We have an InventoryLab User Guide and plenty of support articles on our site to help those who are just starting with IL and those with years of experience.

InventoryLab Send to Amazon Webinar


10. Superior Customer Service

Without great customer service, a business’s days (and those of its reputation) are numbered. After all, it really is all about the customer! We have the best customer support in the industry, hands down (and yes, we’re definitely biased)! We provide our subscribers with technical support seven days a week. Having an issue? You can contact us via email at support@inventorylab.com or open a ticket

We even offer live chat from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET most days (subject to change), and our experienced, professional Customer Champions are always ready to deliver an exceptional and personable experience to each and every user. We won’t quit until your issue is resolved!

Are you an Amazon seller who’d like to find out for yourself what we can do for you and your business? Try InventoryLab today by signing up below for our 30-day, risk-free trial. No credit card needed, and if you aren’t convinced that InventoryLab can help you run your Amazon business better and more efficiently than ever before, you can cancel at any time.

Happy Selling!