Staff Spotlight on Andrea Waters and Kiyoshi Imamura

Business is slowly getting back to some semblance of “as usual” all over the country. As we entered July we had some exciting news at IL. We just welcomed two new members to the IL family. Please join us in extending a big welcome to our new CC’s!

Today’s blog is a staff spotlight on our two newest Customer Champions, Andrea Waters and Kiyoshi “Yoshi” Imamura. Andrea hails from the Badger State of Wisconsin while Yoshi resides in Las Vegas, Entertainment Capital of the World!

We’re very excited to have their extensive customer service experience, knowledge, and overall awesomeness on our team. Read on to find out more about Andrea and Yoshi!

Andrea’s Official IL Bio

I was born and raised in Milwaukee (go Bucks, Packers, and Brewers!). After spending 5+ years working in software for the Wisconsin Department of Justice, I decided to make the jump to the private sector and join the InventoryLab team! In my free time, I enjoy singing and playing guitar, reading historical nonfiction, watching complete garbage TV, and learning new languages (8年間日本語を勉強しました。) I love traveling the world and made it to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup final in France to see the US Women’s soccer team win the championship. I’m already planning my trip to Qatar to see the FIFA Men’s World Cup in 2022, and I can’t wait!

5 Questions For Andrea

1.) What do you do at InventoryLab?

I’m part of the Customer Champion team. I’ll be answering your questions and walking you through new features in InventoryLab!

2.) How do you unwind and relax?

I like to play flute or watch junk TV.

3.) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first?

I would probably travel back to Japan!

4.) What three words do you think your close friends and family would use to describe you?

Hilarious, ridiculous, and loyal.

5.) What is something about you that would surprise people?

I’m actually really good at singing!

Yoshi’s Official IL Bio

Originally hailing from the heart of Los Angeles, I grew up with a love for music and for video games. Aside from that I have a passion for all things pertaining to computers, both in a hardware and software capacity. I was formerly a networking specialist with a well known company that makes one of the most widely used operating systems.

5 Questions For Yoshi

1.) What do you do at InventoryLab?

I am a Customer Champion at InventoryLab, so my primary duty is to
help out all our wonderful users with any problems they may run into while using our platform (and maybe slay a dragon or two as well, champion stuff)!

2.) What is a skill you would like to learn?
I would like to learn how to play more instruments, like the harp.

3.)  If a movie was made about your life, who would play you?
Keanu Reeves.

4.) What’s the most recent show you’ve binge watched?

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.

5.) Do you collect anything?

I collect Music CDs and Vinyl Records.

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