It’s hard to believe, but seven years ago this month we launched InventoryLab live for the first time! We’ve seen our share of ups, downs, and everything in between during that time. We’ve had some great successes, made some mistakes, and learned a lot from all of it.

We thought it would be appropriate this month to reflect on where we are now after all this time and what our future looks like.

But First, A Little History

As many of you know, CEO Ryan Stephens started off as an Amazon seller. His concept for InventoryLab was born out of a sense of frustration. Why wasn’t there a single, simple solution for sourcing, listing and tracking inventory, measuring profitability, and tracking expenses? What would that product even look like? How could it work for everyone from the most inexperienced novice to the most seasoned seller?

From asking himself these basic questions, he then partnered up with CTO and co-founder Forrest Wang to make these hypothetical questions a reality. Through a lot of sleepless nights and trial and error, InventoryLab Inc. was born.

So What Have We Accomplished in 7 Years?

Every day we strive to not only provide top-notch support to our users for our current features, we’re always keeping an eye toward making things better and more efficient. Here are just some of the features and capabilities we’ve come up with:

-Our Accounting feature allows you to add income and expenses across platforms.

-Use our Box Content tools to satisfy Amazon’s box level content requirement and print packing lists.

-Use Scoutify 2 to source and track profitable inventory from your mobile device.

-Access our research tools to assist with pricing decisions while listing.

-Set up default settings and default condition notes.

-Add accounting information such as buy cost, supplier, and purchase date right into a batch.

-Look at estimated Net Profit based on list price, buy cost, and Amazon fees.

-Calculate specific ROI’s for each item with our auto-populate pricing feature.

-Set Min and Max pricing on each item.

-Turn Auto Assign ON when creating a batch to have your items auto assigned to boxes as soon as they are added to the batch.

-Use IL Print to speed up your label print time.

What Will the Future Bring?

We pride ourselves on all that we’ve accomplished in seven years. By offering users Stratify and Scoutify 2 for listing, sourcing, accounting, and more, we’ve become the standard for Amazon sellers. We’re constantly working to find better, smarter, and more innovative solutions to help grow your business and keep it profitable.

But, like we always say, we couldn’t have been this successful without our users. Through all of those ups and downs we’ve experienced, they’ve always been there to give us invaluable feedback and support us. And to them we give a very heartfelt thank you!

While we can’t predict the future, we look forward to whatever the next seven years has to bring and will continue to lead the industry by putting our customers’ needs first.

Happy Selling!