If you’re currently an FBA seller or have ever been one, you know that it isn’t always easy. That’s why InventoryLab was created, to make a sometimes complex process a lot easier and a lot less time consuming. And if you’re already using InventoryLab to manage your Amazon inventory and shipments, you’re probably pretty familiar with navigating your way around. But even the most experienced sellers can sometimes need our help.

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, recently signed up, or are just considering your options, we hope this article can give you some useful tips and information to make your selling experience a whole lot better and much more efficient!

We’ve compiled some of the most recent and commonly asked support questions and answers here, as well as links to support articles that will give you more thorough and detailed information to help you throughout the entire InventoryLab experience.

Question:  Is there a way to customize my MSKU numbers without having to change them all individually?

Answer:  Yes! Follow the steps in this article to find out how to use your sourcing data to create a custom variable MSKU based upon your own unique formula.

Question:  How do I account for income and expenses I have outside of Amazon?

Answer:  InventoryLab’s Accounting feature allows you to add income and expenses from various platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, etc. Find out how to enter and track this information here and here.

Question:  I forgot to add an expiration date to an item in my shipment. How do I correct this and resend the box contents?

Answer:  You can alter or add the expiration date in Box Content by following these easy steps.

Question:  I do not want to commingle. How do I turn this off?

Answer:  Don’t want to commingle your stickerless inventory? No problem. Click this link to find out how to change the FBA Product Barcode Preference setting. Any changes you make to this setting will immediately take effect for new MSKU’s in the batch you’re working on!

Of note: for any items with replenishments, you’ll need to input these items individually by following the instructions in the help article noted.

Question:  I need to add my buy costs in to my inventory. How do I do this in bulk?

Answer:  It’s easy. Check out how to import accounting details into your inventory here or here.

Have more questions? Go to https://support.inventorylab.com/hc/en-us, email us at support@inventorylab.com, or use our support chat feature Monday through Friday 8-5PM EDT.

Happy Selling!