InventoryLab recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary with our first-ever virtual Seller Summit! Ecommerce entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world came together to learn the latest developments in the InventoryLab Suite, as well as attend presentations from industry experts for growing their businesses. With a range of inspiring speakers, exciting activities, and over 500 attendees, this was one event that no one wanted to miss! 

This event was hosted by three members of our awesome IL Team: Jeff (our Customer Engagement Coordinator), Kim (our awesome HR wizard extraordinaire), and Andrea (Customer Champion). Attendees were treated to valuable insights on topics ranging from product research to repricing and everything in between.

Besides the insightful presentations and networking opportunities, the conference also offered fun games like trivia, wellness check-ups, and art sessions. These activities were designed to give attendees a break from the intense sessions while still allowing them to network and connect with other sellers.

We also debuted ScoutX at the Seller Summit, something our team has been diligently working on for months. ScoutX is a new Chrome extension for Online Arbitrage where you can do research right on Amazon’s product pages! To see our ScoutX webinar and learn more about this game-changing product, check out this link

The InventoryLab Seller Summit brought together some of the biggest names in the industry to share their insights and expertise with attendees. Here are just a few of the guest speakers that graced our virtual stage:

Stephen Smotherman of Full-time FBA: Known for his expertise in Amazon FBA, Steven shared valuable insights into the world of private-label selling.

Samuel Krushnisky of BQool: As the Brand Evangelist for BQool, Samuel brought his knowledge of Amazon seller repricer tools and optimization to the conference.

Cyndi Thomason of bookskeep: As an expert in Ecommerce, Cyndi talked about Profit First, which she designed specifically for the Ecommerce industry. In Cyndi’s presentation, she highlighted how to create a business that allows entrepreneurs to enjoy financial freedom through permanent profitability.

Dillon Carter of Aura: Co-founder of Aura and expert in all things repricing, Dillon did an amazing presentation on “How to Boost Your Sales by 41% on Autopilot.”

Chris Grant of ClearTheShelf: As a seasoned seller, Chris shared tips on how to streamline your business and make the most of your time as an Amazon FBA seller.

Patrick Widdos of As an expert in FBA, Patrick taught us how to maximize profits while effectively repricing listings.

Michael Lengel of &&& LLC: His presentation on “Mentality, Mindset, and Scaling for Amazon Arbitrage Sellers” was spot-on with how sellers should be dealing with their businesses. 

Ian Kaneshiro of Seller Snap: Ian shared his wealth of knowledge in his “Repricenomics” and how Seller Snap seriously changes the selling game. 

Danita Zanrè of E-Commerce Business School: With her presentation on Virtual Assistants, Danita expanded on what tools you can use to help with efficacy in your business. 

Kristin Ostrander of The queen of bundles, Kristin’s presentation on “How to Virtually Eliminate Your Competition on Amazon” taught attendees how to maximize their business growth. 

InventoryLab Staff Speakers: Bill, Elliott, Jon, Krissy, and Jesse brought a ton of IL knowledge to the table, including InventoryLab history and new features like ScoutX. 

Customer Coaching Courses: Experts in all things InventoryLab, our Customer Coaches taught the basics of InventoryLab and how you can expand your business by using IL to its full potential. 

Overall, the first IL Seller Summit was a big success and lots of fun! We enjoyed putting it together and had fun connecting with our customers in a different way. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for 10 whole years, and we wouldn’t be here without your continued support and trust. Thank you for being the biggest part of what makes us great. 

If you’d like to rewatch some of the presentations or catch up on what you might have missed, here is a playlist with all of the recordings from the event:

InventoryLab: Cheers to 10 Years Seller Summit Replay