Staff Spotlight on Zac Klino and Jo Brandenburg

If you read our blog regularly, you know that every once in a while we have InventoryLab Staff Spotlight pieces that focus on current members of our team. This gives our readers the opportunity to meet and learn a little bit about the people who make IL tick. This week we’re shining that spotlight on the newest members of the IL family.

Recently we welcomed Zac Klino and Jo Brandenburg to the team as our newest Customer Champions (yay!). They’re hard at work already, learning the ropes on handling customer issues and support tickets while (hopefully) having some fun! 

Jo hails from the Sunshine State while Zac is based in the great state of Texas. Both bring a unique set of skills, great personality, and plenty of experience in customer support to their new roles. They’re both a great fit in an already stellar group of people, and we’re really excited to have them on the team. We’re also beyond confident that they’ll soon be resolving user tickets with the same proficiency and awesomeness as the rest of our CC’s!

Zac’s Official IL Bio:

I’ve been a proud, card-carrying nerd my entire life. I’ve always loved learning how things work, solving problems or puzzles, and tinkering with basically any tech or gadget I can get my hands on. I love helping people, and I’ve been in the customer service field for over a decade. In my off-time you can likely find me gaming, poorly attempting to play the bass guitar, or fiddling with whatever new device and/or hobby has my attention at the time.

Jo’s Official IL Bio:

Hello! I have been working in customer service for five years, and I’m so excited to join the InventoryLab team! In my spare time you can find me cooking, crafting, and reading biographies in the corner of my local library. I have lived in Florida all my life, and I am an outdoor girl at heart. When I’m not helping our customers you might catch me rock climbing or hula hooping in the sunshine.

A very big and heartfelt InventoryLab welcome to both Zac and Jo!

Are you an IL user with questions, concerns, or issues for our amazing support staff? Maybe you haven’t taken the leap yet and need some information. Visit our support home page here or jump right into our support portal here. You can even join the InventoryLab Community Forum here to ask questions, read IL announcements, or report an issue.