It’s hard to believe that yet another year has flown by. A lot happened in 2021, both with eCommerce in general and InventoryLab in particular. It was a busy 12 months, and we’re proud of the changes and updates we made to our users to help them run their businesses better and more efficiently.

At the start of 2021 we updated Settings in IL to make it easier for users to access their account settings with fewer clicks. We created a more mobile-friendly layout, added international ship-to addresses, and provided easier access to calculation settings and repricer integrations.

This past spring we enabled users to import their Buy Lists from our mobile app Scoutify 2 when creating a batch in Stratify without emailing it to themselves. For our customers who source inventory using retail arbitrage, this enabled them to streamline the entire listing process.

We also deactivated the Totals Bar in 2021. The Totals Bar summarizes a user’s batch information when listing inventory. Users can now log into IL as the main account holder and turn off the Totals Bar if they so choose. Turning the Totals Bar off prevents those values from being visible while creating a batch as well as prevents sub-account users from seeing them. 

Most recently, we rewrote the inventory pages for both FBA and Merchant Inventory. Users can now edit replenishment accounting details in bulk by including a live draft feature. Our new Inventory Overview provides FBA, MFN, and Unlisted Inventory details, allowing users to search for items across all inventory channels.

As 2022 rolls on, we will continue to work hard behind the scenes to update and improve existing features and tools as well as add new ones. We’ll also continue to provide the best customer support in the business through our amazing Support Team, our Support Portal, the IL Blog, and the IL Community Forum

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Happy Selling!