With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we conduct our business has changed rapidly and dramatically. Some companies have laid workers off by the hundreds or even thousands. Entire industries are struggling to survive. The national economy is in a constant state of flux and uncertainty. Yet despite that, there are still plenty of companies who are actually looking to increase their workforce.

You might be reading this wondering to yourself, who could possibly be hiring right now?? Believe it or not, despite the global pandemic there are still businesses that are thriving. 

As you can imagine, the hiring process is changing and evolving even as we speak. There likely aren’t many employers who are willing or even able to conduct in-person interviews at this time. With social distancing still very much a reality in most states, employers need to find new and innovative ways to connect with potential hires. Fortunately, there are plenty of great tools out there that are up for the challenge.

Getting the Jobs Out There

With the exception of local community newspapers, long gone are the days of advertising solely through print. If you’ve ever hunted for a job online, you know that there are hundreds of employment websites to choose from. Some of the most popular sites are Indeed, Monster, GlassDoor, and Zip Recruiter.

For many employers, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Before choosing any one or multiple sites to recruit talent, consider the following:

Your Budget. This seems obvious, but you need to set your budget for advertising before ever posting jobs. Using sites that only fall within that budget will help you narrow down your options.

Bang For Your Buck. So, you’ve got your budget set and you’ve chosen some platforms to advertise on. But what are you actually getting for your money? Consider how long your posting will stay up, how much it costs to renew if necessary, and what kinds of optional features are available to you.

Your Timeframe. Are you only posting the position for a week or two? Thirty days? Read through the terms and conditions of each site carefully to be sure that the price you’re paying gives you the time you need to find qualified candidates.

Your Company Culture. It’s great to know there are plenty of qualified people out there looking for a job. However, it isn’t always just about experience and knowledge. Finding people who fit within your organization on a deeper level can be just as important as finding someone with the right skillset. Do some research to find out what websites are most likely to invite the kind of quality candidates you’re seeking.

Niche Sites. Maybe, like IL, you run a small, wholly remote company. You might want to consider using websites like WeWorkRemotely, The Remote Nomad, and Flexjobs to find candidates who not only have the right skills but an understanding of the challenges of working remotely.

There are also websites dedicated to pairing employers and employees within specific industries such as healthcarejobsite.com (for, you guessed it, the healthcare industry!) or K12JobSpot for educators.


Once you’ve found the right platforms to find qualified candidates, it’s time to move on to the next phase. Anyone can look good on paper, but with voice to voice or face to face interactions, you can find out who can back it up! Consider using phone calls for preliminary screenings or even full interviews or using one of the many video conferencing tools such as Meet GoogleZoom, GoToMeeting, and Livestorm.

One Stop Shopping

To save time, expense, and the headache of tracking down candidates from multiple platforms, there are some excellent hiring tools that provide a central hiring “headquarters”. With software like Workable, Lever, and Greenhouse you can post jobs, review applications and resumes, and put together interview kits.

If you’re currently looking to hire quality employees, there is certainly no shortage of tools and resources available to you. Many of these services are free or priced on a tier level to suit your needs. Consider what it is you’re looking for in a candidate, what platform or platforms best suit your unique requirements and budget, and where you’re most likely to find those candidates who fit best into your business culture.

Happy Hiring!