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The Power of Repricing

3 Benefits of Using an Amazon Repricer If you want to win the Buy Box while saving time and money then please read on. BQool is here to explain the benefits of using Repricing Software on the Amazon marketplace. What is Amazon Repricing? Simply put, Amazon Repricing is the process of amending the prices of the […]

CES VI: A Customer Champion’s Tale

If you attend resellers conferences often, you may have seen the InventoryLab booth, and hopefully, have come up to say hello!  Our most recent stop was CES VI in Indianapolis, and I was able to attend along with our Customer Learning & Development Coordinator, Kim McCaffery, Business Analyst, Abigail Piner and fellow Customer Champion, Jeff […]

Banish Burnout (before it’s too late!)

Kim McCaffery, InventoryLab’s Customer Learning & Development Coordinator, was among this year’s speakers at Midwest eCom and the CES VI conference. She presented on the topic of burnout and the often overlooked impact it can have on entrepreneurs and the success of their businesses. She’s now joined by Jeff Campbell, one of InventoryLab’s Customer Champions, […]

Why You Should Create an Inventory Bank Account

As part of our research for the creation of this blog, we checked out numerous other blogs in the Amazon seller space. One of the blogs we visited was that of bookskeep, headed by Cyndi Thomason. In one previous post, Cyndi details the benefits of creating an inventory bank account, something that was a new […]

Amazon Seller – Remembering My First Day

What do I do now?   I had sold on eBay and Craigslist forever, it seemed. I had not viewed selling online as a business, though, just as a way of “selling my junk” so others could enjoy it…until it became their junk…at which time, the process could repeat. The thought of an online sales […]